Night Of Championship Kickboxing with GMMA

GMMA young fighter for the first time in action!

Intense Kickboxing action by young GMMA Academy fighters who have performed great at Night of Championship Kickboxing at Tottenham, London.

GMMA lead by and cornered by two great fighters Krystian and Micheal. Although it was a first time for each one fighter, they showed great spirit, skill, speed and entertained the crowed. Both boys and girls showed a great future prospect for martial art athletes. Muscle Mass Brothers will definitely follow GMMA with Filip one of the MMB members training Muay Thai with them.

The event took place at Tottenham Sports Centre, 701-703 High Road Tottenham, N17 8AD, London, United Kingdom.

One of the fighters had a planned fight for Southern Area which has been changed to British title. See the fight by following link to the video section with title and the rest of the fights.

Although the event has been organised for amateur fighters, we #MMB think it had a great and exciting atmosphere. For a first time fights the GMMA #thewinnerteam did awesome displaying strength, technique and endurance. Even when lost some of the fights each member of GMMA showed great amount of respect to opposite warriors.

GMMA Fighters preparation to the fight:

Bilal GMMA preparation before the fight

Some stretches and kicks before the rumble. The technique and exercises at Muay Thai are at really high level for the beginners. Visit and join for one of the session to see and feel the real Muay Thai training for yourself.

To see the fights follow the link. (Video Link)

Luis show of kick skills targeting small pads hold by Krystian O. the instructor.

Young fighter showing great amount of energy and technique before his fight. Proofing that he is to become a great athlete in future.

To see the fights follow the link. (Video Link)

All the fighters, instructor and MMB Filip celebrating one of the fights

The energy and spirit in the room has been great. The support of fellow fighters has shown the great bond between students and instructors who have taken great care of the young Gukwone and Muay Thai (Kicboxing in case of this tournament) martial artists. Filip (#MMB) has recorded and taken most of the photos to capture the fights and energizing teams attitude.

To see the fights follow the link. (Video Link)

Amazing fights including belt fight which you can see by following the link to video section:!supported-events/r75ym

The fights can be seen on and Muscle Mass Brothers Youtube channel.

It is just beginning for all the fighters which will only improve with time and training. As seen on the photos the event has ended up with smiles on the faces even with some loses. In case of lost fights we think it has been extraordinary experience yet very exciting for the audience. Just like Filip has mentioned those fighters are a great future prospects which with more experience and help from their coaches like Krystian the sky is the limit.

Thanks to GMMA Academy students, instructors and parents for attending and creating lovely atmosphere.

Thanks to the Tottenham Sports Center and competing gyms: Mantis, FIGHT 87, TKBA, Shaolin, S Warriors and Scorpion.

To see the videos please follow the link to Video section of MMB site or follow the link to our Youtube channel and enjoy the fights.

Thanks from Muscle Mass Brothers.

#MuscleMassBrothers #MMB

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