Muscle Mass Brothers future plans

What we are have been up to this time of the year

What future holds for #MMB:

We have few big plans from joining the bodybuilding events and martial arts events we planning on increasing number of filming although we lack of time to edit them on time.

Secondly and this information has been quite honoring to us. One of our supporters from Middlesex University will create a short documentary about Muscle Mass Brothers as a university project, which will of course be posted on our Youtube channel as soon we have it done. Looking for end of March to finish it, hopefully it will be enjoyable and cool piece to our video collection!

Check our Youtube channel for existing motivation videos, more to come.

MMB members progress and changes:

Let's point out some changes that are actually happening to our diets and training programmes.


Alex has begin his new gaining diet with the new year already gained good amount of muscle mass transformed from from last year excess of fat. His aim is to carry on gaining and growing muscles for the next few months we could plan it until end of May depending on how he transforms. From the mid year he will begin to lose any fat that could possibly collect over gaining period

How the diet looks from his point of view?

Well he has increased his carbs, protein and fats by almost 3-4 times from where he has started. The diet is quite simple as he continues with porridge in the morning or egg omelet but in bigger proportions as calculated to his weight and needs.He still avoids larger number of fats and disregards sugars as it is better to consume carbs in form of rice, noodles, and other veggies. Following from this point he normally consumes rice with chicken and healthy salad made out of vegetables like green salad, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli etc. you get the idea. He would eat around 3 meals of such form just to make it easier throughout a day as he studies in university and keeps himself busy. Last meal would be cottage cheeses with protein powder or salmon. The total calories count comes to be around 4500 calories per day. The calories number will of course grow as he progresses.

The training is quite standard each day of the week is concentrated to different part of the body. Most of the days it is big muscle group with small muscle group like for example chest and biceps. However it is adjustable on how well he feels as he grows bigger and stronger the joints and muscles are at risk because of heavier weights workout's.

If you are interested more into Alex's training and diet please let us know we will create unique blog post focusing on him.


Andrew's diet and training is similar to Alex's as he is on the gaining period too. Some of the products of his diet could be a bit different, however the maths behind the diet is quite similar. Andrew is focusing on gaining lean muscle mass without or at least minimising the intake of fats. This is also very important to remember when building up on weight and wanting to have as much muscle but with minimal fat amount, you have to keep the diet when gaining otherwise you will have more work when shaping up on reduction period. On the other hand, I know it may sound funny but you can not be on gaining period for ever otherwise you will grow with fat and if you are bodybuilding and care about aesthetic which all bodybuilders do it is important to remember. Unless you want to be a strongmen and care only bout power and strength than there is no reduction period, but we do not have a member who specialize in that directions. Coming back to to the diet the proportions and the logic behind Andrew diet is similar although he is on much less calories intake.

The training consists of differentiation between big and smaller group of muscles. Although he has different method of training as the reps are higher with medium weights to make muscles lean and strong instead of growing them really huge. That is a big difference between Alex and Andrew, as Alex wants to be big and shaped and Andrew wants to keep it to the level of lean muscles and strength.

If you would like to hear more about Andrew (Andrzej) diet and training drop us a comment and we will focus weekly post on him and his training. Check him out for lean muscle at his Instagram and MMB website.


Daniel has finished his bulking up session and begin with reduction from March. He had some problems like broken elbow, but as we are Muscle Mass Brothers there is no giving up in our dictionary.

let's focus on Daniel's diet which is similar to the diet that Filip was on. It is infamous fat diet where he consumes mainly meats or products with fats concentrating on healthier fats from good sources of oil for example coconut, olive and virgin oils. Of course the other fats are from animal meat and diaries like cottage cheese and yogurts. The most important is to avoid saturated fats which are mostly in fast foods and snacks with no useful calories. It is a reduction diet so the sources of fat and proteins are a key of good reduction results. The amount of meat Daniel is consuming from a start is around 250 grams per meal, also he is not going into ketogenic state as he eats 50 grams of carbs in the morning and similar number of veggies throughout the day. He also carbs up every 4-5 days. The numbers are pretty high as he was bulking up and we can not shock his body with sudden changes. The amount of consumed fats will be reduced with time that is why weighting on daily basis is important preferred time is in the morning before the breakfast.

The training has been kept similar to what he did and what Alex and Andrzej are doing concentrating on different parts of muscles each day using heavy weights. As Daniel wants to reduce the fat but keep the muscles growing and shaping he will not focus on cardio and losing large amount of weight as we want to keep his muscles, just trim them in.

If you are interested in Daniel's progress, diet and training please drop us a comment and we will focus one of the posts on him only in full detail.


Last but not least it is time to focus on Filip's progress, diet and training. Filip has been on keto diet which would be similar to what Daniel is on right now. However the keto or so called fat diet has been focused on minimal intake of carbs no more than 30 grams each day to come into ketogenic state. He has lost around 16 kg in 2-3 months time which has been impressive on his cardio although he has lost some strength but he is recovering on rice and chicken. Still continuing reduction but at slower pace to even out the body. The recent diet which he started in January-February is basically calculated calories hence chicken, rice and veggies create the largest part of his diet with daily intake of around 150 g of rice and 200 grams of chicken. The total calories intake has been set to around 2400 calories.

We can focus next post on Filip diet change in the future post if you would like to hear more just leave a comment.

Let's continue with the training as this has been tweaked. Looking back at past lost we discussed full body workout which he still continues on Mon, Wed, Fri. How about other days you would ask? Well Filip since few months now has returned to martial arts to be more specific he trains with GMMA at Shepard's Bush on Tuesday and Saturday. Check out GMMA on their website or come and see their training for yourself at Fitness First at Shepherds Bush opposite of Westfield. The training fits into full body workout really well as Muay Thai and Thai Boxing or any other martial arts are of interval types and training with Krystian Ozog is an epic experience. This is the big change for Filip and from what we are seeing he is improving week by week looking and feeling better too. There you go a great example of mixing gym and any other classes. For Filip the other two days are either trainings with the rest of Muscle Mass Brothers to push and test his strength or training at his garden on the boxing bag which sometimes turns to another day in gym depending on weather.

We covered all four members please leave us comment if you would like to hear more about any of the members in more detail first.

Also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram for updates and dates of our trainings together and progress on the documentary by our Middlesex University supporters.

Check our website and let us know what topics shall we cover next whether it is specific diet, training, supplements or any other sport related themes.

For personal diets or trainings please send us an email at our website or message us directly on our social media.

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#MMB #MuscleMassBrothers #Progress #Training #Alex #Filip #Daniel #Andrzej

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