Christmas Break, what's your plans #Musclemassbrothers

Christmas Break and Plans

Christmas is finally upon us with that end of the year. What did we achieve through out this year. Did we achieve our goals or at least moved towards them rather than away from what we planned at the begining of it.

We always think of the New Year as a starting point. Many people think "this year I will go to gym more compared to last year". Planning for the new start of the year is great as we set our new goals towards we plan to work for the next few months. Although we do not always follow what we planned out for ourselves. Many of us just stop after first month's of the years it is proven that there is an increase in gym memberships sign up for new year, but most of those new members decide to stop within next few weeks.

We should never give up, perhaps gym is not for everyone, why not sign up for classes instead. Dancing, martial arts or team sports are great too we should not abandon our ships as we are captains of our bodies, do not let them sink.

Let's begin with the summary of what we have set ourselves last year, did we want to lose or gain weight. What did we want to achieve last year, did we or did we not get there? We need to analyse at which point we did better or worse? We might had stopped for a moment for various reason but did we try to get back into our sport routines? What worked best, maybe we enjoy running outside better than indoors or we have higher motivation when exersicing with friends? Muscle mass brothers always sit down together and talk between each other about set and met goals. Some of us did better compared to others but this should not discourage you from working out. Each one of us is different some achieve their goals faster, some get there slower but remember to stay motivated. Our body is our temple and treat it as one as we got only one body.

After asking yourself few question, we should conclude what we did well and what we can improve in upcoming new year. Let's take example from #MMB members, Alex has begin year with aim to cut down on weight and trim as much it was possible and he did achieve it as he went from around 90kg to 75kg keeping as much muscles as possible cutting on fat only. It took him at least 6 months if not more to achieve his goal but he never gave up. Right now his goal is to build up weight but with Muscle Mass only. He already changed his diet plan and training for next year. Everybody has different goal and it only depends on You how far can you go to reach your planned goal.

Why setting up goals is important ? It might sound very simple but we tend to ignore it. Our goals keep us motivated and on track. Another important key element is to keep an record of our training, so we can go back to it and improve it for the next year. What are the ways to keep track of ourselves. There are various ways, one of the easiest is to make photo each month of our body. You do not have to share it with anybody, but if you do that every month at for example first Saturday of first week in the morning you will be able to easily keep visual track of the changes we achieved. This will help you to make sure if you are aiming the right way that you planned at start. Another way is to write up a sport diary writing down things like exercises you do everyday and keep track if you can lift more or less, if you can run longer distances or which pace do you run with and measure how fast you get tied. There are plenty of ways to keep track, it all depends on you!

Check #musclemassbrothers forum, website and social media for more, ask us questions, you can always send us an email use form on contact psge.

Stay motivated for the next year never give up it is your life and your body!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Muscle Mass Brothers:

Filip, Alex, Andrzej and Daniel

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