KSW - Krakow, Epic Fights (Materla vs Khalidov)

KSW this time back in Poland - Krakow Tauron Arena

The most unanticipated MMA battle between two friends and best polish MMA fighters in KSW federation will face each other for a International KSW title. For a long time both fighters were pledging that such fight will never take place, however as fans and KSW pressed we finally at the point where we will be able to watch both of them in the cage. Here is the introduction to their fight with english subs:

They are the fight of the night which all fans will be waiting for, however there are two other belt titles fights and untitled fights will also bring lots of excitement to fans of MMA and KSW federation. The Main Fight Card:


Some exciting fights awaiting us, if you were not able to obtain tickets for the KSW we can watch it via pay per view.


Enjoy the show

#MuscleMassBrothers #KSW33 #MMA


#MMB #MuscleMassBrothers #KSW #Event #MMA #Fight #Fighters

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