Muay Thai Gran Prix 2015 #MuscleMassBrothers

Muay Thai Gran Prix 2015

Muay Thai Grand Prix, the premier Muay Thai and K-1 UK based promotion featuring competitors from all over the globe.

MuscleMassBrothers O2 MuayThaiGrandPrix

#MuscleMassBrothers and friends supporting our friend Krystian Ozog at o2 indigo. After taught security search we have reached the venue. Excited to see the fights that were awaiting inside! The battles has been awesome but the one that was most awaited for has been a number #14.

*B-Class – 70KG* Michael Pham (UK) V Krystian Ozog (Pol)

Highlight of the fight

Our friend Krystian Ozog (GMMA) had his first huge professional event at o2 Indigo contesting experienced Muay Thai fighter Michael Pham (Team Tieu). The fight has started unfortunately for Krystian (Blue corner) a bit to slow at first, however after second round the cards has flipped and we were in hope for Krystian to win the fight. However the decision by the judges was unanimous, perhaps one more round would change the verdict. Furthermore, the fight has been a great show with exciting twists in action without a stop. Even though MuscleMassBrothers has been there to support Krystian in his rumble we were happy to accompany him on his journey and our looking to future amazing fights!

Check out Krystian Ozog blog and GMMA website.

Train with Krystian and GMMA Academy in London (Shepard Bush, Southall and Croydon)

Muay Thai Grand Prix 2015 at o2 Indigo has been a great event with unthinkably high number of fights in one evening/night.

MuscleMassBrothers O2 MuayThaiGrandPrix

Muscle Mass Brothers at the venue supporting our GMMA fighter Krystian Ozog at the awesome and infamous o2 indigo!

MuscleMassBrothers O2 MuayThaiGrandPrix

​ The event consisted of more than 20 fights at one evening/night! With few KOs and title fights as well as a four men tournament. ​

MuscleMassBrothers O2 MuayThaiGrandPrix

​ The event has been a great experience for anybody interest even slightly in martial arts, Muay Thai or K1. We would not even think that each one of the fight would be such great show. There were twists in action from KOs to split decisions. Fighters has shown awesome spirit and each fight has shown different skill set and emotion.

MuscleMassBrothers O2 MuayThaiGrandPrix

The fighters has shown gratitude and respect to their opponents before and after the fights, spreading the great sport experience.

MuscleMassBrothers O2 MuayThaiGrandPrix

Even the youngest fighters has shown that age does not matter. They have fought well and showed off in the way, some adults would like to.

MuscleMassBrothers O2 MuayThaiGrandPrix

None of the fighters gave up and fought until the end they have all fought at the highest level.

MuscleMassBrothers O2 MuayThaiGrandPrix

Also Muay Thai Grand Prix has gained a world champion with his amazing fight.

Matthew Tieu def. Thibaud Duphil by unanimous decision

Full List of the Fights

MUAY THAI GRAND PRIX 2 – Sunday 22nd November 2015

*MTGP 4 Man Tournament – 66KG*

Khun Bank (Tha) Charlie Peters (UK) Alex Bublea (Rom) Ben Lucas (UK)

–Main Event–

*MTGP World Super Featherweight Championship* Jose Varela (Por) V Hamlaoui Yacine (Fra)

MuscleMassBrothers O2 MuayThaiGrandPrix

–Co-Main Event–

*MTGP World Featherweight Championship* Matt Tieu (UK) V Thibaud Duphil (Fra)

*Super K-1 – 60KG* Jamie Whelan (UK) V Ioannis Papaioannou (Gre)

*Super K-1 – 77KG* Kev Ward (UK) V Reece Rowell (UK)

*FTR A-Class – 54KG* Daniel McGowan (UK) V Madiale Samb (Fra)

*FTR A-Class – 48KG* Evans Jay (UK) V Alexjandro Concepcion (Spa)

*B-Class English Title – 63KG*

MuscleMassBrothers O2 MuayThaiGrandPrix

Rory Crawford (UK) V Luke Portanier (UK)

*B-Class – 78KG* Ryan Li (UK) V Mark Robinson (UK)

*B-Class – 70KG* Michael Pham (UK) V Krystian Ozog (Pol)

*Super K-1 – 75KG* James Gridley (UK) V Robert Verekyn (Ned)

*Super K-1 – 86KG* Louis King (UK) V Jack Deacon (UK)

MuscleMassBrothers O2 MuayThaiGrandPrix

*B-Class – 72KG* Sevket Karaoglanoglu (UK) V Marcel Dehinde (UK)

*B-Class – 67KG* Saj Imran (UK) V Enrithan Shofolan (UK)

*FTR A-Class – 64KG* James Toomey (UK) V Ben Woods (UK)

*K-1 – 76KG* Marley Zwanenberg (UK) v Ahmed Ben Cheik (Fra)

*K-1 – 85KG* Elson Evora (UK) V David Zvetolosfsky (UK)

*C-Class – 68KG* Shaz Nasrin (UK) V Collin Chu (UK)

MuscleMassBrothers O2 MuayThaiGrandPrix

*C-Class – 75KG* Yusuf Ali-Thaleb (UK) V Donovan Pignatiello (UK)

*K-1 – 83KG* Phil Casper (UK) V Mitchell Weidman (UK)

*K-1 – 88KG* Daryl Mauri (UK) V Eric Lie (UK)

*C-Class – 50KG* Zuzana Borosova (UK) V Maggie Hajduk (UK)

MTGP 2 Main Card Results:

MTGP 4 Man Grand Final – 66KG:

Charlie Peters def. Alex Bublea by unanimous decision

MTGP World Super Featherweight Championship – 59KG A-Class:

Jose Varela def. Hamlaoui Yacine by split decision

60KG K-1:

Jamie Whelan def. Panagiotis Zisimopoulos by unanimous decision

77KG K-1:

Kev Ward def. Reece Rowell by unanimous decision

MTGP World Featherweight Championship – 57KG A-Class:

Matthew Tieu def. Thibaud Duphil by unanimous decision

54KG A-Class:

Daniel McGowan def. Adrian Lopez Moreno by unanimous decision

48KG A-Class:

Evan Jays def. Alejandro R. Conception by unanimous decision

ISKA English Title – 63KG B-Class:

Rory Crawford def. Luke Portanier by unanimous decision

78KG B-Class:

Ryan Li def. Mark Robinson by unanimous decision

MTGP 4 Man Semi Final 2 of 2 – 66KG:

Alex Bublea def. Khun Bank by KO 2nd Round (knock out of the night)

MTGP 4 Man Semi Final 1 of 2 – 66KG:

Charlie Peters def. Ben Lucas by unanimous decision (fight of the night)

70KG B-Class:

Michael Pham def. Krystian Ozog by unanimous decision

75KG K-1:

Robert Vereyken def. James Gridley by split decision

72KG A-Class:

Marcel Dehinde def. Sevket Karaoglanoglu (MTGP fastest KO record of 0:18 secs)

86KG K-1:

Louis “KO” King def. Jack Deacon by KO 1st round

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