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Intro to Project: Gym

The Guardian report from 18th Tuesday, August 2015:
"UK gym membership has soared by 44% in the last year, figures reveal, driven by the growth in popularity"

#MMB Alex and Daniel

What is our project about

Project: Gym is MMB idea of promoting your local gyms, sport, weightlifting, bodybuilding, fitness and gym community which is growing from day to day. We know from recent and past reports about growing number of gym memberships in UK this year it was 44% growth. Muscle Mass Brothers from that figure can see interest in gym, fitness and lifestyle improvements. However apart from huge interest into gym, sport, weight and fitness training, another figure shows something very interesting. Same report from 18th Tuesday, August 2015: The Guardian "Nearly four-fifths of UK adults have set themselves at least one health or fitness goal, yet only 12% currently use a gym." This is the point when Muscle Mass Brothers has begun project of promoting your local gym and motivating you and your friends to use your existing or get membership begining training to improve your lifestyle. Muscle Mass Brothers will attend many gyms around London and UK to show the amazing atmospheres and health benefits that your local gym can offer to you! The #ProjectGYM is pretty simple to increase the number of people who already know and are interested in attending gyms, so we can change 12% to 44% or even more. There are lots of people who are having memberships that are unused, MMB is here to motivate you in using what you already have and begin improving your lifestyle. Gym can be place where you gain muscles, lose weight, get fit, improve any sport aspects that you are interested in. Here is another source:

"According to thinkmoney, a million people in the UK pay for gym memberships they don’t use, wasting around £480 a year each. That’s £480million we waste through our collective laziness." Do not waste your money get going, at least 3 times a week can improve your health drastically! Muscle Mass Brothers apart from motivating people to attend gyms will video many locals gyms. MMB will show the atmosphere in as many gyms as it is possible as long the gym accepts us. We will also show the exercises and different use for the equipment you might have in your local gyms. Each gym has a story to tell Muscle Mass Brothers and Creatos Media will show it you via Youtube and video production. We will interview staff of each gym we visit to show you the commitment and atmosphere of the gym. We might be visiting your local gym check our social media, website and blog for an update! Muscle Mass Brothers will announce visiting gyms, and post our videos on our Youtube channel:

If you want Muscle Mass Brothers to visit your local gym let us know. We will contact your gym and visit it. You can drop us a message on social media channels or write proposal on our Forum.

#MMB Andrzej

#MuscleMassBrothers #ProjectGYM

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