Firday's with #MuscleMassBrothers

Friday Workouts with Muscle Mass Brothers

We are: "Experienced sports men in gym, bodybuilding fitness and diets."

#MuscleMassBrothers #FridayTraining

Muscle Mass Brothers has been filmed in Fitness First Gym at Leyton for 2 weeks now we are coming this Friday too if you would like to see our team and talk to us come by. We will in near future visit other gyms in London and UK. Last Friday Muscle Mass Brothers had a chance to make our first interview which soon will be posted on our social media and Youtube channel.

Youtube Channel:

Muscle Mass Brothers Youtube channel:

We have already introduced our first video showing our Friday Back day training.

Muscle Mass Brothers, why we do it?

Recently we were asked four simple questions which we would like to share.

What Muscle Mass Brothers offer to community?

Muscle Mass Brothers is made out of 4 individuals with different and similar knowledge of sport aspects. We have trained different sport disciplines starting from: football, volleyball, roller blade skating, karate, kick boxing and other martial arts yet we all are linked to the gym workouts with different aims. Apart from wide sport knowledge we can help out with diets and supplements. Our Forum is open to anybody, we want to build community where everyone can share their sport experience and motivate each other to continue working on our. Your body is your temple.

#MuscleMassBrothers also will offer community various videos showing local gyms, interviews, training and motivating audience to exercise with purpose such as lose weight, gain muscles or reach your own sport goals we are out there for you.

Check our forum and join our community ask us any question related to sport, gym, diet and supplementation:

What makes Muscle Mass Brothers stand out in the crowd ?

Muscle Mass Brothers has specifically concentrated on gym workouts and all aspects of losing weight, gaining muscles and achieving our goals via working out in the gym. We have different knowledge and experience which allows us to work on any sport cases whether it is training program, diet or supplementation. We have introduced a forum where anybody can ask a question also we are producing post on our blog and social media to keep our community informed. Furthermore we produce videos of our workouts and in gym interviews with stuff, owners, managers and people who are working out and are willing to talk about gym, sport and lifestyle. We have few different points which in future will be our fundamental base for our work.

Muscle Mass Brothers is also working with Creatos Media which is a company owned by one of our members. Creatos Media is a company which works on digital marketing and promotion of #musclemassbrothers.

What challenges can Muscle Mass Brothers solve ?

We take the stress out of creating a diet and training plan. Muscle Mass Brothers can help in any sport aspects. Sky is the limit ask us any questions and we will find the answer for you. We have tested diets, training and supplements on ourselves to get the best results. Do not hesitate to contact us via social media, website, blog or forum.

Why do we care about sport and gym aware community?

Muscle Mass Brothers members think that sport is essential in our daily routine. Physical activity is a must in our world. There are numerous health problems arising form lack of exercise. Muscle Mass Brothers wants to motivate and spread the passion for exercises. Obesity, sugar drinks, artificial food products, chemicals used over our vegetables and fruits are just small part of world problem. We want to help YOU get healthier under your own terms we can help you in creating your own personal diet and training to make it as exciting as possible just to suit your needs. Contact us if you are interested in starting healthy diet and exercise program.

Check our Facebook page for more information and do not hesitate to contact us, comment, like and share.

Thanks for reading our post.


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