Meet Our Coaches and Four Founders of MMB


If you wish to achieve best results you need a personal trainer who will tell you everything to achieve your goals, no matter if you wish to lose weight, gain weight, or simply start healthy life style.

Andrzej Adamski

I strive to get the best out of my clients because I love what I do. Quality training. Better nutrition. Improved lifestyles. 

Alex Janczak

Alex extensive experience will give you confidence that whatever your goals he will get you there. He delivers this through a unique combination of motivation and enjoyment coupled with a lot of variety, progression and flexibility of hours. Call now for a free consultation.

Daniel Lagocki

I am an enthusiastic, motivating, friendly and reliable individual who intends to deliver the results that you desire.

If you are looking to increase your fitness, energy levels, reduce your percentage body fat or just tone up, I am here to help. I offer specific nutrition advice tailored to each individual. Weight loss, muscle gain, quicker recovery from exercise, more energy, better mood, quality of sleep, and increased longevity can all be achieved with the right diet and exercise.

Meet the Director

Founder of MMB

Filip Janczak

I am a gym and fighting enthusiast. I am one of the founders and supporters of Muscle Mass Brothers as professional brand for people who would like to learn more about any aspects of sport and improving their body. I have knowledge from gym and kickboxing gained over years. I am here to support Muscle Mass Brothers in sport, promotion and production aspects with my primary company Creatos Media. I strive to be the best at things I do that is why I will sacrifice my time to support MMB with my digital, social promoting, design and sport knowledge.